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Airline Mile and Travel Reward Credit Cards
Benefits of Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

Are you a frequent traveler? Even if you are an occasional traveler there ais plenty of savings and benefits with airline credit cards. The best way is to have frequent flyer miles associated with any and all airlines. Not only do airline credit cards make it easier to travel for business or for pleasure, but you can also earn great rewards at the same time. Benefits of Airline Mile Credit Cards are:

  • Choose an airline credit card based on how you travel to make sure the benefits of the card match your needs.

  • Earn free flights with Airline credit cards rewards programs

  • Use airline credit card rewards to upgrade your flight tickets

Most Frequent Flyer Credit Cards come with attractive introductory offers. Some Credit Cards offer the introductory bonus miles or points which are already enough to qualify for a free ticket. You essentially get a free trip just for signing up.
Click Airline Credit Cards to compare the most attractive offers and find one that best fit your needs. Examples of this type of credit cards are the Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage World MasterCard®, issued by Citi Cards, which allows you to earn miles through American Airlines' AAdvantage program. Other airlines with this type of credit card include Alaska Airlines, Delta, Northwest, and JetBlue Airlines.

What to Consider when choosing Frequent Flyer Credit Cards

If you are looking for the best possible Frequent Flyer Credit Card, here are some questions to ask:

  • How close does the sign-up bonus get you to a free ticket? While a few cards offer enough bonus miles for a free ticket, most cards offer smaller mileage bonuses, enough to get you one quarter or half way to an award flight.

  • Can the frequent flyer miles be used on the routes where you fly the most? While it may make sense to go with the card with the highest introductory offer, you also need to consider whether you can use the miles. This is particularly the case for cards associated with smaller, more regional airlines. If you live in a place not served by the airline, the free miles may not help you get where you want to go.

  • Can the miles you earn be used with partner airlines? Many frequent flyer cards let you use the miles you earn with partner airlines (often the major carriers). This, of course, gives you a much wider range of choice in how you use your miles when you book your ticket. Do note, however, that bonus miles tend to be redeemable only with the carrier associated with the frequent flyer card, so again, you need to make sure that carrier covers the routes you plan to travel most frequently.

  • How many miles do you earn on your purchases? While most cards will award you one mile for each dollar you spend, a few cards offer more miles per dollar and some cards offer a smaller reward, such as one mile for every two dollars you spend. The latter also typically come with a smaller or no annual fee, so if you won’t be using your card that much, you might be better off opting for the card without an annual fee. A few cards, such as the Gold Delta Skymiles® credit card, allow you to earn double miles on certain purchases, for example in supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores.

  • Is there a limit to the number of miles you can earn in a given year? If there is a limit, these are typically so high (e.g. 100,000 miles) that they don’t apply to most people. However, if you will be charging enough each year to exceed the card limit, you may consider a different card or simply get more than one card.

  • Do the miles expire? Many cards require you to have some type of account activity, either purchasing a ticket or redeeming miles, at certain intervals, such as every three years, in order for your miles to not expire. Be sure you know the terms and conditions, so you don’t get any surprises.

If you don’t plan to make a lot of purchases, it makes most sense to choose one Frequent Flyer Credit Card and stick with that. Alternatively, you could select one of the many Airline Mile Credit Cards, which allows you to transfer miles into a frequent flyer account of your choosing. As with any rewards credit card, keep in mind that your earnings can be offset by the interest charges if you carry a substantial balance.

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