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Airline Mile and Travel Reward Credit Cards
Benefits of Airline Mile Credit Cards

Compared to the other types of travel-related reward cards, Airline Mile Credit Cards give you the greatest flexibility for redeeming the points you earn. However, the earnings for some of these cards can be less attractive than for Frequent Flyer Credit Cards, so be sure you understand the actual savings your card offers before you sign up.

Airline Mile Cards award you points instead of miles. The points can be redeemed for free flights and various other, mostly travel-related, benefits. Because the points can be redeemed with more than one carrier, you are not as restricted when booking your free flight as you are when using frequent flyer miles. Some Airline Mile Cards also allow you to convert the points you earn to miles and then transfer those miles to many airline frequent flying programs. Examples of this are the American Express Preferred Rewards Green and Gold cards.

Typically, you can redeem points for other benefits as well, such as travel packages, free stays at hotels or free car rentals. Some cards also offer cash back rewards, either in the form of a credit that you can use with their shopping, dining or entertainment partners or, in some cases, in the form of a straight cash back credit to your account.

What to Consider when choosing Airline Mile Credit Cards

Here are some important questions and guidelines for your consideration when applying for a Airline Mile Credit Card:

  • Main question is: How many points are needed to get a free flight? Some cards may require you to accumulate 50,000 points, while others will award you a free flight with as little as 15,000 points. Make sure you know this before you decide on a card. This information is listed by looking at the description and overview when comparing credit card offers on To compare credit card deals please check the box on up to 4 credit cards and click the Compare Selected Cards button.

  • Will points expire if you don't use the credit card within a certain time period? Many cards require you to have some type of account activity-either purchasing a ticket or redeeming miles-at certain intervals, such as every three years, in order for your points to not expire. This is very important if you are not a Frequent Flyier.

  • How many points do you earn per dollar spent? Typically you will earn one point for each dollar you spend, but some cards give you extra points for dollars spent on certain types of purchases, for example shopping in supermarkets, gas stations and drugstores.

Important criteria to look at is the Credit Card annual fee, whether there is a limit on how many points you can earn in a year and if miles are transferable without limitations. This information is listed for each credit card on For more information and to compare Airline Mile Credit Cards please go to Air Miles and Travel Rewards Cards.

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